{ Memories } Heaven on Earth

These pictures evoke the most beautiful memories. HAPPINESS. I don't think our hearts will ever truly leave the sleepy town of Port Stephens. It was chance really that we ended up there in the first place and discovered that life in the slow lane is really living. It totally changed us and impacts how we live our life now, even though we are so far away. 

It taught us:

To take time for the important things
That bbq's on the deck are key
That living near water for us is a must
That when the place you live in doesn't run at lighting speed you can actually breath 
To not worry if we can't do everything
That church in a small, dusty community hall can bring you really close to God
To run, swim and dive right in

I was lucky enough to find so many forever friends in this beautiful place. To have my first precious baby and bring him home to our house on Pantowora St. To build a home and painstakingly landscape it on a shoestring budget. To get fit and find the joy in running and exercise. To have so many friends and visitors come and enjoy it all with us. 

PS you know I love you! 

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