30 + 3

I love birthdays, I don't mind getting older at all and the cake, presents and fun make the milestone worthwhile in my mind! August is a very busy month in everyone's lives in Nova Scotia. With only two and a half months of true summer, people pack in their holidays, family time and schedules are very busy. We were so busy ourselves with Mum and Dad here I hadn't given it all much thought but Levi created an absolutely beautiful birthday to remember for me.

Levi knows I like to stretch things out over a few days. The day before my birthday he surprised me with tickets to the outdoor Shakespeare by the Sea performance of 'All's Well the Ends Well' which was hilarious and my new favourite. He packed a picnic dinner (delicious) and we enjoyed a stroll through Pleasant Park before and after which was something I've been wanting to do in Halifax (Lucy Maud found Pleasant Park the only redeeming feature of Halifax! I myself can't agree but it is beautiful). The play really was great. They perform it at the old barracks and it makes for a perfect stage. We were amazed by one of the actors who was the spitting image of our friend Jared Arvidson and it was great speaking with the actors in intermission who really are passionate about what they do. It was such an enjoyable, perfect night. 

On my actual birthday Levi cooked a beautiful dinner where the highlight was definitely the scallops, which were giant, the biggest I have ever seen! Along with cake and flowers and all things beautiful it really made for a lovely night. With live in babysitters on hand we took the chance to sneak out and go in search of the Perseid Meteor shower that occurs every year in the Northern Hemisphere across my birthday! We drove awhile to escape the city lights and laid in an open field in the hope of seeing my special birthday show. With the clouds set in we weren't so lucky but it all hardly mattered. It was so much fun doing it together, I really do just adore my thoughtful husband. 

That weekend I also had a night out with my friends here. We went to a local art studio where we made cupcake stands from clay, random and fun. We followed it up with the now traditional skinny dip in our lake, which is hilarious and liberating. 

Turning thirty three really was a birthday to remember. I actually have a very clear memory of my twenty third birthday ten years earlier when I was on my mission. A member held a bonfire for me and I drove a John Deer mower with a trailer full of people around the property. I laughed so hard all night and it was something I'll always remember. Ten years on and I smiled and laughed just as much. I'm a different girl in so many ways but at the core I just feel so thrilled to still be smiling and experiencing so much in my life. 


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