Blueberry Crush

Last year we discovered a fantastic blueberry farm only 30 minutes from our house with blueberries for only $2 a pound. So we headed back this year only to discover it was an incredible season for blueberries and they were not only in abundance but they were huge and delicious! With my berry picking experience thus far, I have to say that they are the easiest and most fun to pick. You look for big ripe clumps of berries and brush them off the stalks. This year it was so easy and in no time at all we had a huge haul.

Primrose got really into this year, Finley doesn't feature much in the pictures because he wasn't feeling very photogenic but they were both great little workers. You would think that we really picked more than enough but the Catton's and Ryan's managed to eat this load in less than week. I'll never think of summer in Nova Scotia without remember the incredible berries. It's going to be hard to go back to $5 a punnet one day!

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