Cape Breton

Cape Breton is one of the true gems of Nova Scotia. We had visited with Jen and Stew last summer (read here) and we were excited to take Mum and Dad to share in it's beauty too. It's about a 4 hour drive from Halifax and with car packed to the brim and a kayak on top we took off for a long weekend. This was the first of many road trips together and we had the energy and excitement that comes with that. Some singing and question from my 'get to know your spouse' book gave us amble entertainment for the drive up and we arrived in Baddeck to our little cottage on the lake with time to spare to enjoy the afternoon.

We headed into the sweet little town of Baddeck and luckily Mum and Dad were able to get some last minute spots on the resident sailboat The Amoeba. Levi was straight into the water with his Kayak while the Amoeba took off and Mum and Dad came back with tales of their somewhat rocky but beautiful journey around the lake.

The next day we made the journey to the east side of Cape Breton to go to Louisbourg and visit the Fort there. Funnily enough the Tall Ships that we had visited on the Halifax waterfront just the weekend before had made their way to Louisbourg and were on display again. We stopped in and had a walk around the little pier before making our way to the Fort. It really is a very cool place to visit, it's a reconstruction, as the initial site was destroyed, but they go to great lengths to replicate the feel of the time when the French and English fought for power and land. The highlights for me were eating stone baked bread and watching the noon march and canon, seeing lace being handmade and reading about the history. It was a great place to meander in and out of tiny buildings and see how the people of the time lived. We all shared some soup and bakery treats and sat and watched as actors dressed in the garb of the time passed down the street. Once we had finished at the Fort we drove around to the Louisbourg lighthouse which is a very picturesque place with the wind and rough sea lapping it's shore. Lighthouses featured everywhere we went in Mum and Dad's time in Nova Scotia and their charm and individuality really are quintessential of the Maritimes.

The next day was rainy and overcast so we decided to explore the Alexander Graham Bell Museum perched up on the hill overlooking Baddeck. Mum and Dad visited in the 150 year of Canada where all of these great sites were free to enter so we too advantage of that where ever we could. I was so happy to have so much time at the museum. It is truly the best small museum I have ever gone to and I was absolutely inspired by Bell who lived so many lives in the one given him. His work with the deaf and his desire to live rurally to spare his family the confines of being in society were inspirational, not to mention his most known work as a inventor. It was a truly lovely experience to see pictures and read about his life. That night Levi and I also managed to get in for a sail on the Amoeba which was wonderful. I loved seeing Alexander Graham Bells home on the edge of the peninsular and speaking to the crew about their experiences sailing. Levi is always happiest on the water and we loved doing that together. We stole away another hour and ate some really good pizza which all made a really lovely date - thanks Mum and Dad!

For our last day in Cape Breton we went on a Puffin Boat Tour. We had done one last time we were here and loved it so much we wanted to go again. You not only see puffins but lots of bald eagles, other birds and so many seals! They are my favourite. The kids particularly loved the tour and we had a great day on the water together.

Cape Breton is most famous for it's beautiful fall colours but I am a big fan of the experiences we have had there in summer. The ocean, flowers and sky are full of life and colour and it really is a preserved beauty of Nova Scotia.


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