Capturing the Moment

We really had such a wonderful summer with Mum and Dad with us. They gave us the motivation to make the most of each day and explore so much of Nova Scotia that we had wanted to see. I really feel like we didn't waste a moment. Down time was spent in the best way possible, swimming, talking, reading, knitting, puzzle making, playing. And all the the go time was just so diverse and wonderful, every day bought us something new and different. Things we had never seen before made all the more special by seeing it together. 
I was so grateful also for the company, the time spent talking and discussing and working through thoughts and plans. Mum and Dad did so much to just fit into our every day life. They joined the gym and ended up going more than me! We all walked to Finley's swimming lessons almost every day and played with Primrose at the park. They also worked hard to make things easier on us at every turn. Mum lending a hand around the house and both Mum and Dad doing incredible amounts of work in the garden getting our untamed plants back in order. They both gave me some time to breath, to take a swim or have a moment. Mum knitted Primrose a cardigan, read to the kids and secretly watched Moana music videos with Primrose in bed. Dad taught Finley how to ride a bike, which mean't so so much to me and I got Dad confident and swimming in the lake which made me feel like I was able to give him something back after a life of giving for me. Almost every day Dad gave Finley a new car or plane he discovered in his trips to Value Village, true to his nature. Both Mum and Dad bonded with the kids in an unforgettable way and that time together is priceless for all of our relationships.

I really wanted to have a family photo shoot to capture these precious few months together. My good friend Nicole did a beautiful job at two special places to me in Bedford. The first was right across from our house, in a beautiful little grassy area by our lake and the next is the Prince Edward Rotuna, a beautiful monument to love. These really capture what a special summer it was for us all, one that will never be forgotten. 

We love you Mum and Dad. 

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