Giving Thanks for the Bounty of Fall

Fall is definitely my favourite season. I think I love it so much because it is the most vibrant season and you never see or experience anything like it at home. The days are sunny with that crisp air ushering in the change of the season marked by the beauty of the leaves, all shades of red, orange and yellow. This year we picked apples, with apple pie in mind and visited Dill's Giant Pumpkin farm to marvel at the pumpkins and pick a few of our own to carve for Halloween.

It doesn't take long to fill a few bags to the brim with apples. The fun of it is trying out the different varieties and munching away as you pick. We had a beautiful day for it and began dreaming of apple pie for thanksgiving dinner. Then we headed over to the pumpkin farm and the giant pumpkins really are a sight to behold. I remember when I was a little girl watching a midday movie where there was a giant pumpkin competition and not really believing that it could be real. Well here we were with absolutely huge pumpkins! It's so funny to see. We had a lovely time walking around, playing with the kids on the hay wheels, patting the resident horse and picking out our perfect carving pumpkins. So much fun and I'm excited to go there again next year. Once we were home the apple production line began, peeling, coring, cutting and freezing for apple pies to come.

The holiday best associated with fall is thanksgiving. It's a tradition that I look forward to keeping as the food is excellent and the sentiment lovely. I did the traditional turkey with apple, cranberry stuffing. Sides were fresh homemade cranberry sauce, sweet potato pecan bake, bread rolls, corn and peas and warm apple cider apple pie for dessert. It was lovely to prepare it all with the help of mum and to be with my wonderful parents and family. My heart this year was most thankful for having them all with me and the blessing they are to me.

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